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ICBA Alberta is never shy about making the case for open shop construction companies and creating the conditions that underpin the jobs and opportunity that flow from construction and from a strong economy.

We help Grow Construction Businesses

Everything ICBA Alberta does is designed to help companies like yours grow and succeed.

The industries ICBA Alberta serves – construction, energy and related services – are incredible. You are builders, creating the communities others get to enjoy. Your heart and soul are wrapped in what you do, and we’re proud to stand alongside you, helping you seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Since 1975, we’ve helped several small start-ups become some of the largest, most influential companies in Canada. ICBA has innovated and provided services, training, benefits, advocacy and much more for companies of all sizes – all with a focus on construction, energy and improving their bottom line. And we can help your company grow too.

We’re never shy about making the case for our open shop companies. If one of our members runs into an issue with government or a regulator, we roll up our sleeves and help with expertise, advice, advocacy and support. We constantly make the case for government to create the economic conditions necessary for our businesses to succeed – lower taxes, less red tape, fair and open bidding, and fostering economic conditions that attract investment here.

We also have practical tools for businesses, to help you find and navigate bid opportunities, deal with human resources issues, and network with other open shop companies.

ICBA offers education, advocacy, and networking to help its members realize their potential. We are delighted to be associated with the ICBA and value the resources they provide, and we look forward to contributing to their ongoing success!

Surerus Pipeline Inc.

How ICBA helps you grow

Human Resources & Labour Relations

Is your company struggling with HR or labour relations issues? Are you dealing with WCB, the Apprenticeship and Industry Training system, or another agency, and need support? We have the expertise, top advisors, and access to legal experts who can help you navigate it all.

Fighting to #Get2Yes on responsible resource development — and the construction jobs that come with it — is a key part of ICBA’s advocacy work.

Alberta’s energy sector has been on its knees for many years, crippled by regulations and policies that have turned investment away from Canada.

Under our ICBA Energy brand, ICBA has upped our federal and provincial government advocacy, standing up for Canadian energy, pushing to cut red tape, and standing up for the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who depend on jobs in the energy sector to support their families and their communities.

Events & Networking

From gala dinners and industry forums to golf tournaments and regional networking, ICBA Alberta plans a variety of events to connect you with other companies and colleagues. Stay tuned for more events!

ICBA Alberta News

Keep fully up-to-date on everything ICBA Alberta says and does on your industry’s behalf, at our news portal. Featuring breaking news, industry alerts, policy analysis, podcasts and much more.


ICBA Chief Economist Jock Finlayson researches and analyzes the vital economic data you need to know to grow your construction business.

Jock Finlayson is ICBA’s Chief Economist and first Chief Economist in ICBA’s 50-year history. Analyzing industry trends, market conditions, and economic factors to provide insights and forecasts relevant to the construction sector, he advises ICBA and its members on developments in the business and policy environment affecting the construction sector and the broader economy and assists in strategic planning and public policy advocacy.


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